Ambassador Bashe Awil Omar

The Government of Somaliland has decided to raise the profile of its office in Nairobi. H.E President Musa Bihi Abdi have appointed senior diplomat Ambassador Bashe Awil Omar, as the new Representative of Somaliland to Kenya and Head of the Somaliland Liaison Office in Nairobi.
Prior to this appointment and posting to Kenya by H.E Muse Bihi Abdi, President of the Republic of Somaliland, H.E Amb.Bashe Omar, a top diplomat in commercial Diplomacy and Development Cooperation served as Representative and Resident Envoy of the Republic of somaliland to the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Whilst serving in the UAE, Amb. Bashe,successfully steered the excellent relations between the two countries leading to important agreements and implementation of major projects including the Tripartite Agreement between Somaliland, the UAE’s DP World and Ethiopia for the expansion, modernization and development of the Berbera Port, the Berbera Corridor linking Somaliland and Ethiopia as well as the Military Base Agreement between the Governments of Somaliland and the United Arab Emirates.

Amb.Bashe ls expected to facilitate strengthening and deepening of the already good relations between Somaliland and Kenya and will be leading major transformation projects involving Somaliland and Kenya as well as other regional players.
His appointment in itself is indicative of an enhanced interest in Nairobi by the Somaliland government of Nairobi’s importance as a regional hub and a diplomatic metropolis hence the increased investment by the government.

The other key functions of the Somaliland Liaison Office in the Kenya will include:

  • Increase visibility and Profile of Somaliland including active engagement with domestic & Foreign media in host country
  • Facilitate Foreign Direct Investment (FDI ) to tap & un-lock Somaliland’s abundant resource endowments for the benefit of Somaliland citizens
  • Protect& represent the policies and interests of Somaliland in the Kenya
  • Promote, Monitor and report on conditions and developments in commercial, economic, social, cultural and technical cooperation between Somaliland & Kenya
  • Facilitate/Provide information and assistance on investment/business climate and opportunities, taxes, tax holidays and incentives in Somaliland
  • Provide assistance in consular services to both Somaliland citizens, Kenyan citizens and other Kenyan residents
  • Facilitate & Promote Somaliland exports to Kenya